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Why oil is ideal for oily and dry skin!

Warum Öl bei fettiger und trockener Haut ideal ist!

Can I also use Face Oil on oily, impure skin? Clearly, yes!

Sebum production is regulated.

The most common cause of impurities, especially in the T-zone, is an overproduction of sebum (sebum). If you care for your skin with oil, it signals that there are enough lipids on the skin's surface. This means your skin also reduces the body's own production of lipids and your skin is less oily.

Attention: This only works if you apply the oil to your dried skin, not to wet skin. If you have dry skin, the face oil should always be applied to damp skin massaged in to moisturize the skin.

What are the benefits of oil cleansing with Cleansing Oil?

It is a mild, skin-friendly cleanser.
Instead of attacking the skin with conventional cleansing products such as foam or gels, the skin is cared for by oil cleansing with Cleansing Oil. Your skin receives important fatty acids and is moisturized while dirt is gently removed.

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